About Rebecca

I am Professor of Education at UCL Institute of Education. From 2014-2017 I took a period of leave from my academic post to launch a highly successful independent research organisation called Education Datalab. In 2017 I launched an experimental teacher survey and engagement tool called Teacher Tapp, with Laura McInerney and Alex Weatherall.

I spend a lot of time talking to people involved in running our schools. When I’m sitting at my computer I am usually analysing large quantitative datasets. These often contain administrative information collected from schools about pupils, teachers and money, such as the National Pupil Database or the School Workforce Census. They sometimes include information collected in large surveys, including those I conduct myself.

You can get an idea of my research interests by taking a look at the publications page. They fall into two major areas:

  1. Holding the school accountability system to account. I have written extensively on how we do and we should measure school performance, including the unintended consequences of the metrics we use. I also research school inspections, school admission policies and parental choice, competition between schools and school expenditure decisions.
  2. Creating a teacher career worth having. I am particularly interested how school organisation and teacher development need to change to make sure teachers can be both effective and fulfilled in the classroom.