What I do

My name is Becky Allen. I have spent the past 15 years researching and writing about schools. I am a co-founder and Chief Analyst at Teacher Tapp, the daily survey and CPD tool. I am also a Professor of Education at the University of Brighton. From 2014 to 2017, I founded and led the highly successful independent research organisation, Education Datalab. I was a Professor of Education at UCL Institute of Education until December 2018.

I spend my days talking to people involved in running our schools, analysing data on pupils and teachers, and looking after my two lovely little children in Sussex. My research focuses on teacher careers and the impact of government policy on school behaviours. You can learn more about my research on my publications page or by reading my blog. In 2018, I published a book with Sam Sims called The Teacher Gap. Some of the ideas in this book were taken up by politicians, particularly in relation to the early years of a teacher’s career. I was asked by DfE to chair a working group that made recommendations about how data should be used in schools. In 2021, I published a book with Matt Evans and Ben White called The Next Big Thing in School Improvement.

Enquiries about talks: I give a small number of talks and workshops each year on themes related to my books and research. These are suitable for senior school leaders and research-engaged teachers. Please email becky@allenmoss.co.uk for a list of topics and further details.

Press enquiries: I don’t tend to respond to general press enquiries – my life is busy enough as it is! Do try my colleague at Teacher Tapp, Laura McInerney, who enjoys press interactions far more than I do. I read emails that arrive via becky@allenmoss.co.uk.